It’s Been a While…

Hi friends! It’s been some time now since I’ve last posted. To be honest… life has been so unexpected and full of blessings, trials and tribulations.

Easter Picture

The kids are growing like weeds, Little Girl is now 6 years old now and is excelling in 1st grade. Little Boy is working as hard as ever in kindergarten to learn and meet obstacles. We recently found that he has a frontal lisp and I’ve had a feeling that something like that would be found sooner or later.

Fall 2014

Since I’ve last written a blog post, I’ve changed grade levels. Last year was my first year to teach and I was hired to teach 4th grade science and English language arts. This year, I have moved to 3rd grade to teach the same subjects.

Halloween Partner Teacher Costume

I hope you enjoy the many photos I’ve decided to share today. Other than being edited to post to Facebook, I’ve not retouched to edited them for Mommy Does… this is what my time is spent doing. Spending time with my loved ones. :)Lady Bug Project

I have met many teacher friends in the last couple of years and I’ve been very thankful to keep connections with my bloggy friends I made in the years I blogged full-time. Blogging always was a double edged sword.Mathmagic

I loved the opportunities I encountered and received through hard work and dedication but I look back and think of all the restless nights I spent editing posts, writing from my heart, trying to take the best photos I could and interacting with readers, friends and companies I hopped to work with.MD1

In the last couple of years, I’ve learned do much having to do with teaching. It’s taken the forefront of my life (besides my family) and I’ve poured every ounce of “extra energy” (<— WTHeck is that?!?!) into becoming a good teacher.Veteran's Day Program

It’s funny how things work. Last year, our campus was a PLC (professional learning community) and lots of things have changed since then. Our campus principal moved on to other endeavors and we have an interim principal now. We had quite a few staff members leave and a lot of new staff members move in. My partner teacher this year is around a year younger than I am and we really are like yin and yang. We’re different but we compliment each other well. :)Family 3

One of the best things that has happened this year is that our littles are now on campus with my in my school district. Last year, I would drive 10 minutes one way, 25 minutes another way, 35 minutes back to the littles and 10 minutes back home… each day. I spent it ripping and roaring down the highway trying to split my time between two districts, three classrooms, two PTOs and trying to make my boss happy with my performance as a teacher.Family Photo

As you can see… something had to give and it just had to be this blog.

B and I are still going strong (November 28th is 9 years!)

Just recently, I began missing this time I had to myself each day. Writing my thoughts out in a post and publishing after I was satisfied with what I created.Kids

So, friends… what have you been up to in the last year or so? I’d love to catch up. :) Post a link of your blog below and I’ll hop over sometime (since I’m on Thanksgiving break and all!)


Disney’s Frozen Printables and Activities

Night-before-last we visited the Galaxy Drive-In Theater in Ennis, Texas. It was the littles first time to ever visit a drive-in theater and we were very worried about how they might act being in a vehicle for a double feature. We arrived and the lines were crazy-long. By the time we arrived to the ticket booth to pay our $18 entrance fee for two showtimes there were a few people who were being rude to the ladies in the booth. Somehow, their screen numbers got mixed up and they weren’t at the correct movie when it started. I understand being somewhat upset, but things happen. We paid and drove to Screen 1 for the double feature of The Nut Job and Frozen.  The Nut job was funny enough to even make B quite a bit.

Galaxy Drive-In Theater

When it was intermission time, Little Girl asked to use the restroom. We visited the restroom and I was appalled at how many grown women kept jumping in front of our daughter to use the restroom. They would be at the opposite door and would run to the next available stall rather than let our daughter who stood waiting patiently  use the stall when it was her “turn.”

Finally, there was a teen-aged girl at the opposite door and she motioned for Little Girl to run to a stall she was close to at the opposite side of the room. After we finally got her hand cleaned and dried she wanted a snack. We went to the concession stand and chose a large bucket of popcorn for $5.50, a soda for $1.50 and a hot cocoa for $2.00. They also offer cotton candy, nachos, burger, chicken sandwiches and many other fares of snacks.


The drive-in theater offers old-fashioned speakers which can be placed inside of your vehicle or if you choose to bring chairs, you can hang it from the arm rest like many movie-goers chose to do.

Overall, I enjoyed Frozen the most out of our two-movie-date-night. Little Girl is very strong-willed, independent, and determined to do things on her own. She reminded me so much of Anna which is funny because she and the heroine of the movie share the same name. She was very engaged throughout the movie and really surprised me by her ability to inference outcomes that occurred throughout the movie. The teacher in my used it as a teachable moment and I would ask her to explain how she knew those outcomes were possible. She would explain in detail what had occurred during the movie and what was currently happening. I wouldn’t tell her if she was correct or not, instead I would say “Let’s find our if you’re right.” When it turned out that she was, she would face me and say “See Mommy, I told ‘ya!” Of course Little Girl says she likes Elsa better. Little Boy likes Kristoff and both enjoyed Olaf. I like that Anna become very independent and was determined to save her sister, rather than rely on a male figure to do it for her!

It made me so happy that she was able to make connections throughout the movie to help her predict the outcome. I do have to admit, at the end I was crying. Little Boy and Little Girl started getting sleepy and then it was time for a 45 minute drive home. We arrived home after midnight and the littles hit the hay later than they have since they were babies.

Yesterday, the kids cut out and pasted together a build your own snowman activity of Olaf. Last night they both “sneaked” a Kleenex to use as a cover so that their very own Olaf could be their “best friend” at bed time and sleep along-side them.

If you would like, I’ve included the following Frozen printables and activities which you can download and print for your own enjoyment with your littles!


Simply click on each link above or right-click and open in a new tab or window to print the PDF files.

I hope your new year is going well and that it continues to do so!

Be #CartonSmart with Tetra Pak

This post brought to you by Carton Smart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tetra Pak CartonSmart

Since my mom’s house burned down last year they no longer pay for a trash disposal service to pick up their garbage once a week. We are always looking for products that offer more than just convenience. Since they are currently living in a camper, we have recently been purchasing packaging that goes beyond the old metal cans that take up too much space in her trash bin and are nearly impossible to recycle in our area of Corsicana, Texas. That’s where we took a pledge to Become Carton Smart. Recently we received the Pacific Foods Chicken Stock, Pacific Foods Pumpkin Puree and the Pacific Foods Cranberry Sauce all packaged in Tetra Pak #CartonSmart packages.

 photo 795e421d-1ec8-414e-b1b8-dde8f5f23ded_zps62983f0a.jpg,

 photo d1d52bb8-c150-4f19-9a7c-b8c9ab3c8df3_zpsac6b75dd.jpg,  photo 62adf36b-e1dc-4d93-98c1-aa80d97a468d_zps600d562e.jpg These packages are very convenient, especially since my can opener broke  recently and I replaced it with a new one which broke as well. Opening the packages didn’t require any special materials either. For the Pumpkin Puree just pull the side tabs from the secure seal, squeeze the four corners together and tear along the line and “Bam!” you’re ready to use the contents of the package for baking, sauces, soups… really any way you would any other ingredient. You can always Follow #CartonSmart on Pinterest to find other inspiration for smart decisions in your life. Recycling, saving, cooking and even traveling! You can even Tweet @CartonSmart on Twitter to keep connected with them.

Recycle Tetra Pak CartonSmart
 For recycling information visit Pacific Foods and learn how to Be #CartonSmart with Tetra Pak!

 photo 1898ca76-3272-4baf-a8df-07abf60e15e3_zps1bf425e9.jpg

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Smart Goals Printable

Hi friends! I hope you are enjoying the first day of 2014. I’ve been thinking of setting a few smart goals this year and I’m so happy with the goals I reached this last year. I’ve lost 47 pounds since last February and I have so much more work to put in to ensure that my quality of life continues to improve. I graduated college with honors, and this month I begin paying back my student loans. I’ve had a really good semester as a first-year teacher and I’m so thankful to be part of an amazing team of teachers in fourth grade.

Student Reflection Activity

My school faculty is based on the concept of a Professional Learning Community. PLCs can be utilized as a way to foster staff development and to promote the improvement of faculty member performance through group and individual reflections. There should be a shared vision of where you want your school, classroom or even individual students to be by applying SMART goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic/relevant, and time-based.

I believe in being part of a Professional Learning Community wholeheartedly. In just one short semester, I’ve learned so much through my participation in a PLC and am very thankful for the blessing it has been to learn from so many other great educators on my campus.

While PLCs focus on a professional development, I want to bring a little more reflection into my student’s lives. I spend a couple hours designing a printable that I can make copies of when I return back to school next week. Rather than a new years interview or resolutions activity, I want to guide my students by reflecting on positives of last year and what kind of smart goals each one wants to set for themselves in 2014. This is how I cam up with the idea to create a Smart Goals Printable. This will be the first activity of 2014 that I will display outside of our classroom for all to see. Feel free to open the image in a new tab and print it out for your own personal or educational use. It is created as an 8×10 .jpeg format. You might need to adjust your printer’s settings as “shrink to fit” and “fit to page” or even “8×10″ when you print. It is in color but can easily be printed in black and white without losing its design.

What are your SMART goals for 2014?

Smart Goals Printables



Happy New Year!

This post is going to be short and simple. I hope your family has a fantastic 2014 and that many blessings abound for your all.

Happy New Year Fireworks photo

Lovable Labels Promo Code

I couldn’t be happier with Lovable Labels! We have used them routinely throughout the last three years from t-ball, to tennis shoes and even school supplies! I have even began using Lovable Labels in my classroom since there are times some of my belongings “walk” to students lockers. When they find it and can’t remember where they got it from they see the label and it is returned safely! I’m so glad they have a promo code to offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

This is a great way to stock up and save for the upcoming holiday season! Don’t forget about stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts and even a little something to label your own belongings for work!

Tylenol Smiling it Forward™ Campaign #ad

I am SMILING IT FORWARD™ because… when our babies are feeling blue, we tend to put everything to the wayside and we focus on which of our little ones is feeling sick. Little Girl has been through a wringer, since she was a small baby she has been plagued by ear aches and fevers. She is very susceptible to catching colds, bronchitis and other ailments since she underwent a High Tibial Osteotomy as a three year old. It’s like her immune system went into shock and hasn’t had time to recover with all the sickness she has dealt with since her surgery.

Tylenol 001

That’s where Tylenol comes in. Even when she had her HTO surgery, we turned to Tylenol to help with her discomfort. She tended to run a low-grade temperature after she left the hospital but it was her body warding off infection. She was uncomfortable and fussy, but when we administered Tylenol within 30-45 minutes she wasn’t as irritable.

Tylenol Smiling it Forward

Dawson Bulldogs

Just two weeks ago, Little Boy came down with a double whammy of sickness. There is a terrible “bug” going around our county and he happened to catch it, twice. There is diarrhea, nausea, and a fever that comes and goes along with headaches. When Little Boy was too sick to make it through a night without being upset due to fever and headaches, we administered Tylenol so he could rest comfortably. Even after two weeks of dealing with a nasty “bug,” Little Boy was ready to begin out homecoming festivities with a BANG! Since he was still not 100%, we gave him a dose of Tylenol so that he wouldn’t miss out on all the fun due to a headache since his “hedt huts.” He enjoyed his night with his big sister supporting our Dawson Bulldogs!

When you share a photo of your little one SMILING IT FORWARD™, Tylenol will make a $1.00 donation to Children’s Health Fund to help make sure that children in need have access to a doctor to care for them. Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother has teamed up with Tylenol to bring SMILING IT FORWARD™ to you! Not only can you share photos of our little one SMILING IT FORWARD™, but you can visit to check out all the smiling faces in the SMILE Gallery. You can also learn more about Alyson as well as learn helpful tips from Dr. Tanya Altmann to help keep your family SMILING IT FORWARD™ this cold and flu season.

Infants' Tylenol

Infants’ Tylenol is the #1 recommended brand by pediatricians and with over 20 years of relieving minor pains such as earaches, toothaches, and other pains like sore throats you can also count on it to relieve fever! I think it is a great thing that they are helping raise money for Children’s Health Fund which brings mobile units to underprivileged communities to ensure that children of all walks of life have access to healthcare. What are your thoughts about the Tylenol SMILING IT FORWARD™ Campaign?

I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks.

I’m a Busy First Year Teacher

It has been crazy busy around here for one month. Solid. I began teaching last month on the 26th of August and have spent so much time trying to become the best teacher possible. I’m learning new things everyday and I am grateful for that. I work with a fantastic group of teachers and couldn’t be more happy with the experiences and information they have shared with me in such a short amount of time.


I spent time during the summer preparing to begin my career with a large Independent School District which is locale to my home. I was offered a position elsewhere, which I would have accepted if this fantastic opportunity didn’t present itself when it did. I was so nervous during my interview that all I could think was “Be honest, and stop sweating!” It paid off! I knew by the end of the week (interview was on a Tuesday) that I had a great chance of being recommended for a position at this particular elementary school.

Flash-forward a few weeks and I was in my 4th grade language arts and science classroom dusting, washing down walls, and trying to decide on a “theme” for my class. Mardel happened to have some frog decor priced at 90% off, so that was my determining factor. If you know me in real life, you know that I used to collect frogs. Most of my collection burned in my mom’s house fire last year.

Classroom Arrangement

The cool thing about it is that we were asked to choose one class superhero. The Green Lantern fits perfect with green frogs!

I finally got my classroom completed by the end of the day on Meet-the-Teacher night. I was exhausted by the time I left there. Since then, I’ve meet a good group of children and participated in my first open house. We have a really good PTO program that is building itself within our campus and so far, they have really taken initiative in getting parents and students families involved.

I’m still part of the PTO at the Littles’ school. Little Girl is in Kindergarten and Little Boy began Pre-K this year. They are at a different ISD than my school is located, but hopefully by next year they can both be at the school I’m working at.

New Outfits

I’ve been scouring Goodwill to find thrifty outfits and I have today… I’ve done really well! Along with my department and retail purchases, I’ve spent well under $200 to outfit myself for some time. The only bad thing about spending that much is that I’m still losing weight thanks to ACE (Appetite Control Energy) and I’m finding that some of the clothes fit loosely now. I’ll take it though, since after losing 43 pounds, I’m better able to participate and keep up with our kids!

I’ve spent time catching up with friends as well. One of my dearest friends recently had a handsome little feller, and she looked absolutely stunning even though she was 8 1/2 months pregnant during her baby shower!

Cowboys Baby Shower

How are you doing lately? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been “around” but I can’t wait to share my Jockey Bra review and book review of Tricia Goyer’s new novel A Christmas Gift for Rose   in upcoming posts! Which books have you been reading lately? I turned on my Kindle Fire for the first time today in exactly a month. It really is true what they say. Even after you’ve secured a job as a teacher, you spend a lot of time after school working long hours. I’m up for it though, so bring it on!

Before I sign off, check out my “short board” as I call it at school. I spent about an hour-and-a-half taping electrical tape and Duck Tape to the board to create a calendar large enough to be SEEN and referenced along with a homework area, objectives and products board and any quick info students might need to remember. So far, being a first year teacher has been what I expected.

Classroom Objectives Board

What do you think? Oh, and be sure to check out #ChristmasGiftRose by Tricia Goyer!


Aurorae Yoga Bag Giveaway

This Aurorae Bag Giveaway is brought to you as part of an Outburst Media Group campaign. Feel free to use the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win an Aurorae Sling Backpack. Two winners will be drawn for one backpack each. Check out all the cute colors below:

Aurorae Back Packs

I’m in bag-love with the lavender and lime green bags!

AuroraeBag Review

The giveaway will end on 9/27 at 11:59 PM EST so don’t miss your chance to enter! Be sure to share with your friends and family!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aurorae Yoga Bag Review

Recently I received an Aurorae Yoga Bag to review as part of an Outburst Media Group {OMG!} campaign. I have been working very hard to lose unwanted pounds I’ve gained over the years and I’m off to a great start so far. This year, our family is transitioning into a big change. I began teaching 4th grade science and language arts at a local elementary school. I’ve been on-the-go for the last month-and-a-half training and attending workshops. In doing so, I’ve been packing paperwork, notebooks, and healthy snacks with me to keep sustained throughout the day.

AuroraeBag Review

I also have implemented a personal goal of drinking 80-100 ounces of water each day and I’ve really found the Aurorae yoga bag’s built-in water bottle holder a great help in keeping me on track to accomplish this goal. This water bottle holder also has a clasp that is adjustable to fit any size bottle I choose to bring with me for the day.

The bag I received is a dark blue and had two zippered areas large enough to hold a towel, workout clothing, paperwork and all three if need be. The area of the bag that holds the yoga mat is adjustable and can tighten-up to make the yoga mat more secure. There is a key fob on the chest strap and the strap rests comfortably across my right shoulder and chest without riding up to irritate my neck. In the chest strap there is also an area to secure your cell phone while traveling. I also like the area you can thread your headphones through to listen while traveling to-and-from your local gym!

Overall I believe this product is well made, and offers possibilities of only needing one bag while heading to the gym, or to yoga class. There are plenty of zippered areas to hold your belongings without fear of losing them. You can purchase this Aurorae Yoga Bag on for only $34.95 on sale from $59.95. Color choices include blue, ebony, purple, red and green.
Stay up-to-date with Aurorae Bags via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

This Aurorae Yoga Bag Review is brought to you as part of an Outburst Media campaign, all opinions and experiences are 100% mine.

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