I’m a Busy First Year Teacher

It has been crazy busy around here for one month. Solid. I began teaching last month on the 26th of August and have spent so much time trying to become the best teacher possible. I’m learning new things everyday and I am grateful for that. I work with a fantastic group of teachers and couldn’t be more happy with the experiences and information they have shared with me in such a short amount of time.


I spent time during the summer preparing to begin my career with a large Independent School District which is locale to my home. I was offered a position elsewhere, which I would have accepted if this fantastic opportunity didn’t present itself when it did. I was so nervous during my interview that all I could think was “Be honest, and stop sweating!” It paid off! I knew by the end of the week (interview was on a Tuesday) that I had a great chance of being recommended for a position at this particular elementary school.

Flash-forward a few weeks and I was in my 4th grade language arts and science classroom dusting, washing down walls, and trying to decide on a “theme” for my class. Mardel happened to have some frog decor priced at 90% off, so that was my determining factor. If you know me in real life, you know that I used to collect frogs. Most of my collection burned in my mom’s house fire last year.

Classroom Arrangement

The cool thing about it is that we were asked to choose one class superhero. The Green Lantern fits perfect with green frogs!

I finally got my classroom completed by the end of the day on Meet-the-Teacher night. I was exhausted by the time I left there. Since then, I’ve meet a good group of children and participated in my first open house. We have a really good PTO program that is building itself within our campus and so far, they have really taken initiative in getting parents and students families involved.

I’m still part of the PTO at the Littles’ school. Little Girl is in Kindergarten and Little Boy began Pre-K this year. They are at a different ISD than my school is located, but hopefully by next year they can both be at the school I’m working at.

New Outfits

I’ve been scouring Goodwill to find thrifty outfits and I have today… I’ve done really well! Along with my department and retail purchases, I’ve spent well under $200 to outfit myself for some time. The only bad thing about spending that much is that I’m still losing weight thanks to ACE (Appetite Control Energy) and I’m finding that some of the clothes fit loosely now. I’ll take it though, since after losing 43 pounds, I’m better able to participate and keep up with our kids!

I’ve spent time catching up with friends as well. One of my dearest friends recently had a handsome little feller, and she looked absolutely stunning even though she was 8 1/2 months pregnant during her baby shower!

Cowboys Baby Shower

How are you doing lately? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been “around” but I can’t wait to share my Jockey Bra review and book review of Tricia Goyer’s new novel A Christmas Gift for Rose   in upcoming posts! Which books have you been reading lately? I turned on my Kindle Fire for the first time today in exactly a month. It really is true what they say. Even after you’ve secured a job as a teacher, you spend a lot of time after school working long hours. I’m up for it though, so bring it on!

Before I sign off, check out my “short board” as I call it at school. I spent about an hour-and-a-half taping electrical tape and Duck Tape to the board to create a calendar large enough to be SEEN and referenced along with a homework area, objectives and products board and any quick info students might need to remember. So far, being a first year teacher has been what I expected.

Classroom Objectives Board

What do you think? Oh, and be sure to check out #ChristmasGiftRose by Tricia Goyer!


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