eMeals Recipes for the 4th of July

4th of July is a time to celebrate our Independence as a country. Most times, families treat 4th of July as a time to celebrate and spend time visiting with friends and family. Your family might even plan a huge outdoor barbeque with all the fixins.

When we plan such events like this, we tend to ask each family to be in charge of certain parts of the meal. eMeals.com makes it easy for you to plan without worrying about forgetting which groceries you need to buy. Our family has been reviewing the eMeals Low Carb menu for a few months now, and I have found it very convenient to go by their detailed lists as a way to grocery shop. They write out your list for you and each days has its own recipe to follow. Not only does eMeals offer dinner menus to choose from, they also offer breakfast, lunch, and snack menus as well.
This 4th of July, our family will be enjoying the following meals and treats thanks to eMeals’ planning. With just one quick download and a click to print, I had my list ready to go without all the fuss of trying to create a menu from scratch.


I’ve started off my day with the Chocolate Banana Smoothie. It was my one treat for the day since I really have been watching what I eat lately.

B is a barbeque loving man. He enjoys spending time outdoors trying new recipes with different cuts of meat. He bought a new smoker just for this reason. We are trying out hand at Baby Back Ribs recipe from eMeals. Be sure to download the Baby Back Ribs recipe card before you leave!


Not only do I enjoy the convenience of  having our supper menus planned out for us, I also like that I didn’t have to stop price-matching ingredients I need because I chose Wal-Mart as my grocery store of choice. This week, Aldi had seedless watermelons on sale for $2.99 while Wal-Marts are currently $5.98. By saving on the watermelon, I was able to prepare Watermelon Agua Fresca for our “special” drink with the Little Ones. Not only did I save on watermelon, but limes were price-matched for 15/$1, or $0.06 (cents) each! They typically cost $0.20 (cents) each. This drink is also low in added sugars or if you want you can leave out the added sugar all-together, like we did!

Watermelon-Fresca-eMealsSo, just how does eMeals work? Easy, check out the easy-to-read instructions below:

How it Works words

One really cool thing about eMeals is that they now offer an eMeals Android app for your convenience.

“The app allows current eMeals subscribers to access their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plans for easy planning, shopping and cooking. Not a current eMeals user? Not to worry, enjoy a complimentary 7-day meal plan in the food style of your choice.

Start meal planning with the eMeals app, which provides:

* Your choice of over 50 meal plan options
* Weekly meal plan that features 7 new dinner recipes
* Organized grocery list for easy shopping
* In-store sales featured in recipes for store specific meal plans
* Ability to customize your grocery list by skipping meals and adding items

Tailor your meal plan to your food style by choosing from any of these:

* Classic Meals
* Clean Eating
* Gluten Free
* Low Carb
* Low Fat
* Natural & Organic
* Paleo
* Portion Control
* Simple Gourmet
* Slow Cooker
* Vegetarian”

- Borrowed from the eMeals Android App page

Along with our utilization of the eMeals Low Carb dinner menus and other lifestyle changes, I have nearly lost 40 pounds. Remember back when I shared my plan to begin eMeals online menu planning? It’s nice begin 40 pound healthier! Check out the difference below:

eMeals Low Carb and ACE results

So, what’s on your 4th of July menu?

Thanks to eMeals for sponsoring this Recipes for the 4th of July blog post with a free menu subscription for our family.

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