#Free Sesame Street MP3 Download for Your Little Ones!

Little Girl and Little Boy are really enjoying
“The Wheels on the Bus” song…

Little Girl really likes the “Let’s Go Tubbin'” Song as well.
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#Heelys are Back-to-School Cool- Review

I was skating before I was born!
How? You might ask.
My entire family spent countless hours at the skating rink in my hometown.
My mom skated the entire time she was pregnant with me.
My mom still loves to skate, my brother did for years, and I was the Rink helper all through my childhood. My family was close friends with the owners, and my mom and dad
didn’t have extra money to give me to go to the rink, so I worked the skate bar
(where you rent skates) and then I would pick up the skates from the floor and aisles before the weekly dance began. Every Saturday night we could dance until 1 AM- it was a blast!
I loved speed skating and miss the nights there weren’t many beginners out on the floor.
I spent my entire weekends,
 and Wednesday nights during the school year, at Skate Palace.
I have so many fond memories about skating, and am happy to announce that…
Heelys are in the spotlight again!
Well, Sponsor Spotlight post that is…
With it being time that so many children are going back-to-school,
 shoes are a hot accessory!
I was recently given the opportunity to review a pair of Heelys as part of a B2B Campaign.
I chose to review the 7672: Wave Heelys, which you can see below…
Features include: 
-Synthetic leather and synthetic nubuck
-3D Heelys logo

-Heelys Wave Comfort Heel Bracket provides comfort and stability

-Gum rubber Ninja Star outsole

-Fats low profile wheels with ABEC 1 bearings

The shoes are a stylish bubble-gum-ish Hot Pink and Gray.
You cal find a close-up of the 3D Logo below: 
I love the color combination I chose, and the construction of the shoe is well made.
Just as Heelys advises I would watch their General Heelys Skating Info videos,
 read the Heelys Safety Playbook, and be sure that your children wear protective gear
 (for added safety) while skating in Heelys.
Some other designs Heelys provides are shown below:
I love this gray/teal color combo… and almost chose them!

If your child likes white shoes… these are a great choice…
For boys, they might like the grays…
and the girls, a pink pair!
Be Sure to Watch the How To Skate Video!
{Good News!}
Heelys is throwing a Labor Day/Back-to-School sale!
From September 2nd-September 5th…
buy one pair of Heelys and get the second pair for $30!

Maybe it’s just my Mommy Muscles that are almost non-existent.
My legs were so tired from trying to learn how to wear the Heelys I received to review.
At times I wished I would have gotten the pair shown above that have two wheels!
My legs were burning, and my wheels were turning… a little bit.
It is defiantly a workout, and if you are looking for an activity your children would like…
Heelys are a good idea!
If you are looking for comfort, they might not be as good of an idea.
I have to be honest. After trying so hard to skate in my Heelys, I decided to give them a go-round with the plugs in the bottom. I stood in my college bookstore’s line for 3 hours.
It wasn’t so bad for a while, but after an hour-and-a-half of standing
 my feel had been flat all that time. 
There are no arches in the pair of Heelys I received, and I have a high arch.
I’m sure they would have been fine with a shoe insert, but really… that’s just an extra expense I don’t want to mess with. If you child would use Heely’s for the sport aspect, they are a great way to keep them engaged in exercise. If your child needs a pair of comfortable shoes, they should try Heelys on before buying to see how they like the fit.
I do wish the shoes looked more like a regular pair of shoes, rather than skater shoes.
I used to wear said skater shoes while I was a teenager.
I’m a mother now, and don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb, and maybe those regular shoes might take care of the arch support issue I have with the ones I received. 

PR Firm- Business 2 Blogger
Sponsor- Heelys

SendoutCards.com and Mia Bella Candle #Giveaway- 5 Winners!

Now, I’m please to announce Mommy Does’… newest sponsor!
Anna, from The Pilot’s Wife.
She is part of a wonderful on-line company
that is a one-stop-shop for Greeting Cards and Gifts!

{What is it?}
We are talking about Sendoutcards.com
Sendoutcards.com was founded in 2003, by it’s CEO… Kody Bateman.
Sendoutcards.com is an online greeting card and gift company.
With more than 43 million cards sent, it is also one of the fastest 
growing network marketing companies in the world.
{What do I like about Sendoutcards.com?}
I like the Sendoutcards.com reminds you of important dates.
All you need to do is input the dates of loved one’s and friend’s
 Birthdays, Anniversaries, or even Holidays!
You will be reminded every time that there is an important date coming up.

{How does Sendoutcards.com work?}
There are two ways to take advantage of Sendoutcards.com.
Wholesale, or as a retail customer.
Using Sendoutcards.com as a retail customer is easy!
Sendoutcards.com works as a point system.
Points range anywhere from .49 cents to .99 cents.
The monthly subscription plan automatically locks you in for the .49 cent per point bracket.
That’s just $9.80 per month for 10 cards!
There is NO set-up fee, you only need to
pay for your postage and points (which are good for 1 year,) 
and keep in mind that your points continue to roll over through that year.
Sendoutcards.com will print, stuff, stamp, and mail your cards and gifts for you!
If you like to find gifts for special occasions, but just don’t like
 the impersonal gift card they send with the package, Sendoutcards.com is a great solution!
From Brownies…
to WillowTree Angels…
Sendoutcards.com have many options to choose from!
Now, for the giveaway!
To promote Anna’s Sendoutcards.com Business,
 she is providing 5 Mia Bella Soy Candles to 5 different winners.

Just for learning more about Sendoutcards.com!
It’s easy to enter… just fill out the Rafflecopter form below:

Sponsor: Anna Barnett 

#DuckleDance #Giveaway from Wisharoo Park and Capezio- Ends 9/1

Be sure to head over to this post to enter for your chance to win
a Wisharoo Park & Capezio Duckle Dance Prize Package!
This would be a GREAT giveaway to win, so you can start saving for
Holiday Gifts!
PS- Thanks for all the great Birthday Wishes yesterday!

Sunflowers, Chocolates, Friends and 1 Year Older… #Giveaway Reminder as Well!

Well Y’all-
Today’s the day…
I’m another year older…
and a whole year wiser.
My mom came back in from off-shore last night, 
and I woke up to the beautiful singing that only Little Girl could belt out…
you know the one…
“Happy Birthday” on a loop?
Nothing like it, eh?
Today I have a couple errands to make, but was pleasantly surprised to see
B walking through the door with 8 country sunflowers and a bag 
full of goodies! There were Turtles, Nips, and a Hershey’s Chocolate bar which the kids
laid claim to real fast. Today I will spending time with my family…
and giving them the attention which they deserve.
Not only was my family wishing me Birthday wishes…
April from Marine Parents the Blog did as well…

Thanks April!
I begin college classes on Monday and will be here-and-there.
I do have a giveaway going on right now and it would be a GREAT idea to enter.
Since the Holiday season is upon us… winning giveaways would be a fantastic way to save
money all the while still providing your loved ones with fantastic gifts!
If you are interested in winning the above prize package…
the Rafflecopter Form can be found HERE.

What I’ve Won- #ABE2 Giveaways Plus More!

So… this past week has been pretty great on the Giveaway font.
For long-time GFC Friends, you know I love entering giveaways…
for new GFC friends to Mommy Does…
I LURVE entering Giveaways, particularly Low-Entry Giveaways, but for #ABE2,
I decided to try my best to enter every.single.giveaway.
I missed out on 40 last January, since I ran out of time and my college courses were starting.
This time I was determined… I started at 3:30 AM since B started his “new” job at his current company…
Truck Driving anyone?
And I didn’t end until last night with 10 minutes to spare.
I also entered a couple other giveaways while hopping blog-to-blog. 
My ABE2 Sponsor Spotlights at the top of Mommy Does… will now move to the sidebar,
and the Giveaways I’m entering will be replaced…
On to while we are here!
I’m going to list my winnings below, and I would love for you to leave a comment with what you have won:

5 wish stars and one Wisharoo Park DVD
and have a Review coming soon! 

Again, on Friday… 
I won a giveaway at Lovable Labels on Facebook,
and all I got was this cool shout-out on their page…
Lovable Labels - Headquarters
Just kidding!
Lovable Labels was one of the 11 sponsors I had for #ABE2, and I was happy to win
the Fan Appreciation Friday   for the prize pack of Slimline Labels.
So, now Little Boy’s possessions won’t be lost! 
By the way… I got an e-mail today confirming that I WON a Lovable Labels Back-to-School package- so I have chosen the Be Bright package…

with the football icon…

Now, both of the little one’s have a package! 

From Wandering Still, I won her Prize Package
 #2- For the Little Girl You Love
Handcrafted whimsical fashion accessories by AalbersCreations
This prize package includes:
1 Tutu Skirt-White/Pink tulle & white crochet stretch waistband, Sz Newborn-12 months
1 Pink Zebra Flower Clip
1 Pink stretchy headband
1 White stretchy headband
(Value: $15.00)
The skirt? Little Girl can’t fit in it, however… we have a new Little Girl in our family.
Though she is a beautiful 10 lb. + newborn Niece, I think the Tutu will fit her!
My own little girl will make full use out of the headbands, and the clip though…
Next up, I won a Dinosaur Train book from Fun Being Frugal…
which is stashed away for Christmas!
 And last but not least, I also received this Assorted Pack of
“Felties” from SweetStuffByJen.com on Facebook!
 There are 2 Smiley Face Candy Corn, 2 colors of Owls,
 2 White flowers and 2 Teal Song Birds w/ branch clippie covers,
a Cookie, 2 Horses, 2 Dolphins, and 2 Cupcakes…
18 Felties & 6 Clippie Covers
The package also included…
2 Candy Cane striped bows (Left) 
2 Smiley Face Ginger Bread Cookies (MidLeft)
2 Holly Leaves (Back)
2 Presents (FrontMid)
2 Green Gingham Bows (Right)
All I did to win this assortment pack was COMMENT on her post.
Simple as that!
And to show what a “Feltie” looks like…
Jen sent me a 4-Pack of Pink Embroidered Crowns with the letter C.
They came in a sheet like this with a cursive C… 
image via Jen’s facebook
I made Little Girl this “Feltie” Clippie, and two other for our Nieces.
Now, the little girls (with last name C) in our family have matching clippies!
Please keep in mind, I am in no way a professional Feltie-Clippie-maker, haha!
I use plain old fabric scissors to cut this Feltie out of the sheet Jen sent.
She recommends extra sharp precision scissors if you are selling them…
I’m not… I’m just trying to save money, haha.

So, what have you won lately?

Do the Duckle Dance! Wisharoo Park & Capezio #Rafflecopter #Giveaway and #Sweepstakes…


Have you ever heard of Wisharoo Park?

Wisharoo Park is dedicated to promoting positive
 self-image and self-esteem in preschool age children.
 It was originally introduced by airing as a children’s TV series
 on PBS stations across the country
 and now has an interactive website…
 Wisharoo Park, DVDs, and many other products!

Have you heard about Capezio?
I’m sure you have!
Wisharoo Park is proud to partner with Capezio.
Capezio has been dedicated to the art of dance since 1887,
 and revolutionized the dance world with
 dance and footwear products for every dancer…
 beginner to professional. 
 Capezio operates retail stores carrying full lines of all
 Capezio/Ballet Maker Inc. brands in New York City
 and several major cities nationwide.
 For more information, visit Capezio Dance.

Why are they partnered up, exactly?
To kick-off the promotion, Wisharoo Park and Capezio premiered its inaugural
 Duckle Dance promotional video,
 featuring favorite Wisharoo Park characters Ranger Rosey
 and DanDan and Della Duckle dancing along with real life kids,
 at the newly launched multimedia Wisharoopark.com.

What is the Duckle Dance?
 It’s a bit of ballet, a bit of tap,
 and a whole lot of whatever you want it to be but…

 most importantly, it’s fun for the entire family!
Check out the Duckle Dance promotional video!
Don’t let the smooth moves and solid steps by
 the video’s dancers intimidate though as they are trained pros!

I’m caught up in the Duckle Dance Frenzy, are you?

Have your pre-schoolers boogied down to the Duckle Dance yet?

If not, now is the time to start…

You can sit down with your little ones, and check out the Duckle Dance together!
Once you think your little one has what it takes to perform their very own
Duckle Dance on camera, you can head over to enter their performance using the
tap or ballet music Wisharoo Park has provided on their site!

Is your little one dance-challenged?
No worries!
The Duckle Dance above shows specific moves, but the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes is all
about fun and individual interpretation!
When it comes to the Duckle Dance- anything goes!
Be creative, have fun, and allow your little ones to arabesque like the best of them! 

What do you need to do?
-Video tape your [re-schoolers doing the Duckle Dance
-Upload through Facebook or YouTube
-Wait to find out if you have won:
-1 of 20 Wisharoo Prize Packages
-1 of 5 {$500} Dance Scholarships!

Let’s get this Duckle Dance party started!!! 
Wisharoo & Capezio have KINDLY Sponsored Mommy Does… with the following

Please Fill out the Rafflecopter Form Below to enter this Giveaway:

Sponsor: Wisharoo Park

Reader’s Feedback for #ABE2.0

Hey y’all!
I just want to take a quick minute to thank
 Jess over at My Silly Monkeys
for hosting a pretty great giveaway hop!

Now, if you could do me a BIG favor!
Can you take 1-2 minutes from you busy day to provide me with Feedback about
my participation in #ABE2?
I appreciate it!

Now, if you feel up to it…
Jess has a Form pertaining to the OVERALL success of the event.
You can find that Here, as well as a list of winners from most of the blogs.
Thanks so much!

Triple Threat… Hoo Are You? Wee Bit Wednesday, and 5 ? Friday!

Last week was pretty exciting, we had ABE2 begin, and I was busy like a mad woman 
entering all the amazing giveaways. Since I was bust hopping blog-to-blog, I missed out on 5?Friday.
No biggie! Even though I can’t link-up,
 I’m including yesterdays Hoo Are You, today’s Wee Bit,  and last Friday’s 5 ?
 into one post, chocked full of things about me! 
I hope you enjoy it… now to begin!
1. Do you prefer to use a regular pencil or mechanical pencil?
Regular! I am left-handed and write really hard so mechanical pencils tear through
the paper, or just break over and over. I will write with a dull pencil, but hate it!
So, I’m that girl who always had a pencil sharpener in her pencil bag.
I still am. When I think about it, 
I use pencil bags and keep a ziplock bag with my shavings in it
in case I can’t get up to go to the trash can. It works well… but I’m sure I’ll get a 
few glaces my way when I start attending classes this next week.
2. What is your favorite color in the crayon box?
Hmmm, it would have to be… Cerulean! 

or Cornflower.

I used Cornflower for skies and Cerulean for… well.. most things I colored!
3. Bottled glue or glue stick?
I’m a bottled glue kinda gal, I admit.
However, now that I’m a mom as well… I choose Glue Stick.
Little Girl makes terrible messes when it comes to bottled glue.
4. Calculator or do it in your head?
Funny you should ask…
 if it is any number past an increment of the number I’m trying to
determine… I use a calculator! 
5.Favorite subject while in High School?
Since you now know that I’m not the best at calculating numbers, Math is out!
I’m going to choose… History or Band, band is a subject right?
2004-2005 DHS Band in My Photos by
You can hear me on the French Horn at :16 and :28 till the end.

 The loud, deep sound? Yup that’s us French Horners!

This was my favorite song, New Castle March
Newcastle March by The Dawson High School Band

from my Senior Year, I get chill bumps just listening to it.
At 1:51 you can REALLY hear us girls play.
 For my Junior and Senior year, I was 1st Chair… and I miss it very much.
 Mr. Hixson was my Director for Two Years! He’s pretty popular in the Christian Music world…
He was part of Godfueled… which has been recognized nationally.

He is an absolutely amazing Saxophonist.

Mr. Hixson is now with Racing Gravity, which is on Facebook
He always believed in us, and allowed us to be ourselves no matter what.

I know that he is a major Quarterflash Fan…

 going so far as to add Harden My Heart into our Half-time show…
with him playing the Sax Solo…

Now… back to ME, haha…

{one} what’s your guilty pleasure tv show?
I love watching Pretty Little Liars, Braxton Family Values, and Downsized…
besides that… The Good Wife!

{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?
Ehh, not really… unless they can pull it off. Ya know?
I mean some people have swagger,

and then those who don’t…

{three} do you have dish or comcast?
Dish- Cable (if that is what comcast is) isn’t available in the Boondocks…

{four} what’s your favorite current fashion trend?
I’m not sure what all the trends are… but can I choose…
Being covered up?
That’s always in style…

{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue,
 what would it be?
Fly a hot-air balloon… or owning one for that matter!

{six} red or white wine?

{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)
I love Crawfish Boils… 

but nothing can beat good ol’ Soul Food…

{eight} hp or mac?
I’m too cheap for a Mac, so HP it is!

{nine} what color is your bedroom?
White… sadly.

{ten} what’s your favorite form of exercise?
Lifting weights… I loath excercise even though I feel accomplished afterwards…
I’m just more of weights kinda gal. I was even on our Power-lifting team in high school.

Now, moving on to my make-up 5 ? Friday!

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?
I wish I could, but my house would look like a tornado was going through it!
My two little ones would make it look like a disaster,
 so I tend to yell a lot from the bathroom…
“What are y’all doing?!”
“Are y’all alright?!”

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. 

That word describes you. One word. What is it?
I’m strong, stand tall (even though I’m short,) am golden (skinned,)
 and have a BRIGHT personality!

3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?
I refuse to shop at…. convenience stores for groceries…
I hate having to go in to get milk, and spend 5 dollars+!

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren),
 who would you choose for your child(ren)?
Well, since I haven’t thought about this, it is a tough one for me to answer…
I suppose I would choose someone like B or myself, someone who would stick with them through thick and thin… someone who would sacrifice for their children… and work hard to not have to do that at all. Someone who has initiative in life, and someone who isn’t too proud to sit with family and friends who might not have come as far as them. Someone who wouldn’t   be too proud to help a friend or family member. A person who would give someone 15 dollars if all they have in the bank is 30. Someone that could set aside differences with someone they don’t agree with to help their little one have formula, or food in their belly. Someone who is much like us, but their own person.

5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you? 
Ok, I’m not going to lie. Dying is my worst fear, and I’ve talked about it before on Mommy Does… I’m afraid of leaving my babies, and my loved ones. When I was only 4 I began understanding  death, due to many of my loved ones passing one-after-the-other.
 And it hasn’t stopped yet.
I believe I would like to choose when I would pass. 
I would be around 96-years-old and have led a wonderful life.
My children would be accomplished and I would have enough money sitting for
generations to come. I would like to think that passing in my sleep would be better than everyone gathered around me, all upset and stuff.
Ok, now it’s too much- moving on…

Do you feel like you know me any better?
What are some things I should know about you?
Do you link to these parties?
I would love to know… so feel free to leave a comment below.

Smack-Dab in the Middle of God’s Love- Children’s Book Review

As a member of BookSneeze, I get the opportunity to
 review books from Tommy Nelson Publishers and keep them to read time-and-again.
Recently, I received Smack-Dab in the Middle of God’s Love,
 by Brennan Manning and John Blase Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell to review.
I decided to go with a children’s book, since I have yet to review one on Mommy Does…
I was not disappointed at all!

Smack-Dab in the Middle of God’s Love is a hardback book with a book-sleeve. 
The story begins smack-dab in the middle, telling about 
Willie Juan and Ana a couple who live in a small
Mexican village, called Hopi. Together, Willie Juan and Ana could not have their own kids…
but were always surrounded by neighborhood children 
who loved to make sopapillas in the late summer evenings.
 Ana would allow the children to pour honey smack-dab in the middle of their sopapillas.
 The children loved to question Willie Juan about everything,
 and one day Willie Juan asked of them…
“Little friends, someday, when you are in heaven, 
what do you think Abba (God) will ask you?”
Emily answered that God would ask her if she helped take care of her grandmother. 
Martin answered that God would ask him if he remembered to feed and water his donkey.
Irene admitted that she was afraid of God, because he is so big.
Willie broke the silence by telling Irene
 she didn’t need to be afraid since God loved her very much.
Irene countered with the “How” of things… 
how could God love Martin, Emily and herself so much at the same time?
Willie Juan replied that God has enough love for us all…
He then goes on to tell the children that he believes God will someday ask them…
“Did you enjoy the sopapillas?”
The children laugh it off, but Willie Juan tells them that
 God wants them to all enjoy his gifts of life.
The sopapillas, the donkey, grandmother,  late summer nights, humming birds,
 and even those who love them.
The children picked up that Willie Juan was speaking of Ana, 
and he looked to them all and said…
“Every good thing comes from smack-dab in the middle of Abba’s (God’s) Heart.”
To end the book, 
they all smoosh together… Smack-dab in the middle of God’s love,
 because God’s love is big enough to hold us all.

4/5- Good Book for children…
Little Boy and Little Girl enjoyed this book very much.
I’m glad I chose to review the book from Book Sneeze, since our children have
been asking questions about God since we visited Vacation Bible School this Summer.
Little Girl can repeat many of the passages from the book, with little guidance.
The book is full of beautiful cheery illustrations, and is pleasing to the eye.
The message is clear…
One day what do you think God will ask you about your life here on Earth?
Will he ask you if you like what he provides?
There is no reason to worry about his ability to love each and every one of us.
We are all God’s children, so he will always have enough love to go around.
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a clean, good-hearted story.
Since this is a children’s book I think it would be a great addition to those who home-school, for a Sunday School, or even a donation to your local library.
Smack-Dab in the Middle of God’s Love
Juvenile Fiction/Religious
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1713-4
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
Pages: 32
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99

Amazon has it for only $10.18!

I review for BookSneeze®

sponsor- Booksneeze

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