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A Big Thanks Goes Out To…

How do you like my Blog Design?
This has been a long time coming,
 and I just wanted to give recognition to who deserves it.

From the back-and-forth e-mails, and the
 “Oh! What do you think about this?es”
Courtney was helpful, and considerate about my view for Mommy Does…
I had all these wonderful ideas in my head, and when she completed my vision…
it was…. ehhhhh?
So, I told her that didn’t really look like what I thought it would…
and with just a couple more days…
What you see…
is what I decided upon…
Courtney was understanding, helpful, and diligent in helping me find my best look.
She had everything up and going within the week that I took a much needed break from blogging. I decided to enter her 500 Follower Giveaway. 
I had so much fun seeing all the design elements she sent, but ultimately decided to go with her “tone-downed” version of what I initially thought I wanted.

So, if you have been looking for a Blog Designer for blogger, 
give Courtney a holler!
The best thing about Courtney’s Blog Design is this:
Keep in mind…Creating a custom design requires a lot of my time and energy :) And many sites charge around $100 and up for blog makeovers!

I am open to a trades. (I know, getting really old-school, Pilgrim-Style) When you first email me, we can work something out. Maybe you make some wicked awesome headbands (I love headbands) or beautiful jewelry… Maybe you make some other AMAZING stuff… I do have a PayPal account if you would really rather do that, although there’s a processing fee through there. My dad also suggested paying with an Amazon gift card… which is a GREAT idea because I LOVE Amazon! “

So, if you are interested in getting a custom makeover for YOUR blog, 
check out Courtney’s page of Custom Blog Design Information!
And if you decide to get a makeover, let her know 
Mommy Does… Sent you!

Also, Thank you so much Courtney for putting up with my incisiveness! 

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I’m On the Radar!

I’m not gonna lie people. 
Google isn’t the best but I just can’t justify spending B’s hard earned money to self-host.
I know a lot of y’all may or may not have experienced all the comment, GFC, scheduled-post drama.
Maybe I’m lucky.
My GFC glitched for a couple days, but I got by.
No problems with comments either.
I have only received 3 SPAM comments since November, and when I figured out that were causing the trouble, I decided to only write my e-mails out
There! Problem fixed!

The one problem I couldn’t for the life of me figure out was 
Google Page Rank.
When I would e-mail, or inquire about hosting giveaways and reviews, my page rank icon always had a
And I hated it!
How was I expected to get more page visits, to help get more sponsors, to offer all you lovely readers
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“Well, it wasn’t my fault!”
I would moan in protest
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Well… low-and-behold!
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I FINALLY Got it Back!

Remember this ring from Christmas?
Yeah, I finally got it fitted…
 Now, I my finger is no-longer naked…
I love that I can wear it, finally!
I love how it is the perfect size for me, and that B thought it would be the perfect gift for me.
Thanks, B!

SENDaBALL- A Bouncy Greeting "Card" Right to Your Door!

Just a few weeks ago, I came home from running errands to
 B’s Mother and Brother looking at me kinda funny.
 The Little Ones were going on, and on about something…
 so I just came out and said… “
Ummm… What is going on?”
His Brother looked at me and said…
“You got a ball.”
“A Ball?”
B’s Mom:
“Yea, its in the back room… they were fighting over it.”
I walked into our back room and found this!
Now, I received an e-mail two days before asking if I had gotten anything in the mail lately…
It was such a funny thing, since I never imagined I would receive a ball in the mail.
Not deflated… not in a package… a ball.
A Blown up ball.
That read… 
 It came with the postage information taped securely to the ball, 
and had all of my information right on the ball!
Well, two sisters!
That’s who!
Melisa & Michele…
from their facebook information:
“Exactly like a greeting card, but a greeting BALL, with PUN-TASTIC messages. Balls are sent with NO PACKAGING, address and stamps right on the ball, sent thru the regular USPS 
delivered by your regular mail carrier.”

I have to say…
Little Girl and Little Boy absolutely loved it!
They still play with it, and it has held up nicely to all the rough-and-toughness that is called…
Little Boy.
I couldn’t do anything except smile when I saw the ball, and the fun my children had playing with it.
They ran, jumped, threw it, sat on it, and played with it until it was lights-out.
I like that SENDaBALL was founded by women, and that they were on SharkTank!
There was no deal reached, but the concept and execution in our house is probably what they are aiming for!
What do YOU think about the SENDaBALL?
How much would you pay for it?

You can “LIKE” SENDaBALL on Facebook!

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What is is a software solution that connects business owners, inventors and entrepreneurs with moms across the United States and Canada for research and market feedback.

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Panelists who have completed a profile and have been verified receive the email notification and choose whether or not to participate. Participants follow the email link to a questionnaire and provide the client anonymous feedback. The panel participant then receives a cash payment to their account which is deposited through PayPal.

I have won a giveaway from them for $10

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NOT a Sponsored post! I was sent a SENDaBALL to provide feedback on through QuestionMoms,
 I am posting that feedback on Mommy Does… to share the information with readers.

Loathing Laundry and Bras on His Head… It Could Be Worse…

If you knew me in Real-Life, you would know that I absolutely HATE to wash and fold clothes.
I don’t know why… but it gets to me.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the smell of freshly laundered clothing, sheets, towels…
 and the whole nine yards, and all items that must be washed and dried…
 are well, washed and dried, depending on the mood I’m in…
Mess with me, and you’ll be wearing stinky drawers!
I kid… maybe ;D

Don’t even get me started on the little “helpers” I always
 seem to accumulate while trying to do laundry.
They say something like this…
“Mommy! I hepin like a BIG GIRL!”
I hear this…
“Mommy! You better fold faster than your brain can think, 
cause I plan on unfolding, stomping, throwing, and hiding…
 Every. Single. Thing.
 you put into that basket!”
Let chaos continue… Pardon me while I chase down a 23 month old 
wearing my bra drawers ugh.. clothes on his head.
What makes little boys think it is funny to wear undergarments on their heads?
Maybe I should ask my brother…

I also wish I had the drive to make my own laundry detergent.  
I know most recipes I have seen call for Borax,
 but when I can I buy Purex on sale I try to.
20 Mule Team Borax
I used to be a die-hard fan of a brand that rhymes with Rain, then the brand that rhymes with Wide…
and people MAY disagree with me, however…
I would rather buy an affordable and useful laundry detergent and
 find some really nice smelling fabric softener… to make my clothes the talk of the town.

To make time pass for me while doing laundry, I like to turn up some music…
preferably Colt Ford and Jason Aldean or CMT Music
 and sing while I try to block out all the running, yelling, and crying our Little One’s make. 

Here is my checklist of folding:
Fast-fold shirts
Lay hanging-shirts to the side
Fast-fold work pants for B
Lay nice pants to the side
Same for me…
oh? Work Pants?
For me its, yoga pants, and pajama bottoms…
Make swift motions to fold all the Little Clothes for the Little Ones we have…
All 2 of them!
Chase Little Boy to get back my undergarments, and wonder aloud
 why he doesn’t put on his Daddy’s drawers instead… really? 
What is the point.

Hurry to wash a load of whites… notice the softener is running low…
How bout a bit of detergent with your softener, B? 
I know it’s him… he thinks more of something makes it smell better…
Diesel smell is hard to get out of your clothes…
 no matter how much of anything you put in…
Purex Crystals go-in,
I write a note to grab some more at the store…
Head back to finish restart folding the heaping pile of clothes I thought I just finished…
Deja’ Vu…

Well at least the tunes are kicked up, and I can go
“Chillin’ on the backroad”
while I wash smushed-in banana from Little Boys shirts…
Cause, you know… he thinks his shirt is a napkin…
and my undergarments are his hats.

The next load of laundry is calling me, I better run…

PS- Did I mention…
I’m now a…
Well, cause… I am!

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